Monday, 21 March 2011

Is this BrewDog's Glasgow Pub?


The Third BrewDog ?

Love them or hate them, you have to concede that those Fraserburgh brewing upstarts, BrewDog have been pretty successful at building a brand and a business since their inception less than a handful of years ago. They have achieved infamy, notoriety and critical acclaim in equal measure as they push their craft beer agenda to an increasingly receptive market.

From bottles to cans via some stuffed animals they have embarked upon a journey that has been as enjoyable to watch as it has been to taste. Oh....and along the way they have made some very lovely beers too.

Last autumn they opened their first pub in their home town of Aberdeen and word has it that it has exceeded their wildest expectations in terms of sales and growth. Not ones for letting an opportunity pass them by they decided to open a second BrewDog in Edinburgh which is due to open very soon. Not content with two, it appears that they now have the taste for opening BrewDog bars around the country and speculation is that the next city to get the BrewDog bar treatment is Glasgow.

In my home town of Glasgow, there has been increasing and intensifying speculation over the last few weeks as to the location of their next bar. There is, however, only one name that is being mentioned. That name is The Lock Inn on Argyle St, directly opposite the Kelvingrove Art Galleries and next to Kelvin Hall. It's fairly common knowledge that they looked at other Glasgow pubs in their quest to find a suitable location. Most notably Gazelle on Argyle St (pub tie) and The Rogue (cellar too small) on Old Dumbarton Road.

If the speculation is correct it is, in my opinion, an excellent location for them. It's in the heart of the West End of Glasgow, close to Glasgow University studentland and the surrounding area is filled with a young population with a high disposable income.



  1. F**K them if they go to the west end... although it will at least make the trek to the Three Judges more worthwhile.

  2. If I remember correctly, the Kelvingrove didn't seem the most neighborhood friendly place - it would take some good effort to get out there if you're on foot, bus, train. Maybe I'm just not remembering correctly though.

    There were a couple of old out-of-business bars across from Tennants though that both Robbie and I thought would make nice pubs.