Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The End of a Beera


I really like The Jolly Butchers. It's one of my favourite pubs in London. It is a happy, friendly and welcoming place where some fantastic beer is served.

It's become my 'local' when I'm down watching Spurs and have enjoyed every minute I spend there.

It's only been open for a couple of years and this relatively short space of time it's managed to secure heaps of awards, it's most recent being the Beard Friendly Pub of the Year from Keith Flett's, Beard Liberation Front. It's also gained a substantial reputation and an affectionate place in the beery hearts of drinkers from North London and beyond.

Did I mention the beers?

The beer choice never fails to disappoint and The Jolly Butchers has done it's bit to showcase and promote the best London's thriving microbreweries have got to offer and it's played an important role in attracting a lot of new drinkers to the wonderful world of gorgeous, well made and very tasty beer.

Many things have made this pub the success that it is but, undoubtedly, much credit must go to the person that has been at epicentre of overseeing operations, sourcing the great beers and sating the beery wishes of it's thirsty customers. The person I'm referring to is Emma Cole, bar manager of The Jolly Butchers.

She's been running the Butchers for a bit now and her knowledge and enthusiasm for beer has made the pub what it is - a hub for excellent beer and all round cracking pub.

However, all good things must come to an end and Emma is leaves The Jolly Butchers today for pastures new and a fresh, exciting challenge. She's taking up residency and will be working her beery magic in one of Brighton's oldest pubs, The Spotted Dog. The pub which dates back to 1790, formerly known as the Hop Poles, has just reopened under it's original name and Emma has been given a free hand to choose some fantastic beers for the pub. Brighton's drinkers are in for a treat.

It's the end of a beera for The Jolly Butchers but the start of a great adventure for Emma. Her farewell shindig takes place at the Butchers tonight and it says a lot for the regard that Emma is held in by London's Brewers that several of them have produced one off beers for Emma's big send off. One, appropriately enough, is called the 'Queen of Stoke Newington'.

I wish Emma all the very best in her new role.

The Jolly Butchers loss is The Spotted Dog's substantial gain.

Good Luck, Emma.


  1. beera is an awesome beer word and shall be joining my lexicon alongside beereft