Thursday, 8 December 2011

I Must Be Dreaming.......of Beer

Last month I wrote about the plans for a new pub in the west end of Glasgow, which will occupy the premises vacated by the The Millhouse at the bottom end of Byres Road, just at Partick Cross. Since writing the article, things having been moving very quickly.

On Sunday, the Millhouse poured it's last pint and the following day the builders moved in to begin the process of turning an ugly ale duckling into a beautiful beer swan.

The new lease holders, Fuller Thomson, have a creditable track record on the east coast of the country for establishments that serve a solidly eclectic range of cask and keg beer. In Edinburgh, they have Holyrood 9a and the Red Squirrel as well as Dukes Corner and Drouthy Neebors in Dundee.

Now, they have ventured westwards into Glasgow with the opening of Bruadar on the 19th of December. The name 'Bruadar' means dream and for many west coast quaffers, it certainly is one come true, particularly, when you look at the list of beers that they have lined up for the opening and beyond.

The Black Isle Beer Company, yesterday, wrote about their beers that Bruadar will be carrying as regular and rotational choices. Black Isle's Glasgow beer profile is certainly going to be enhanced with the arrival of Bruadar as their Blonde, Goldeneye and Porter will regularly be available on keg as well as cask choice of two porters, Chilli and Molly's Vanilla porter.

But that, my beery friends, is only the tip of the iceberg as Bruadar will have 20 draught taps that will dispense a variety of delicious keg and cask.

I've had a look at the opening night beer list as well as the plans for the next few months and, to be honest, it's nothing short of stunning and very exciting.

Whoever put the Bruadar's beer list together should, if there is any justice in the world, receive a gong or three in the New Beers Honours List.

For the opening night expect a great range including,

On Keg -

Tempest Red Eye Porter
Magic Rock Cannonball
The Keg launch of William's Bros Profanity Stout
Lovibonds 69IPA
BrewDog Punk
Black Isle's Goldeneye, Blonde and Porter

On Cask -

Durham White Stout
Magic Rock Rapture
Tempest Emanation Pale
Black Isle Molly's Vanilla Porter

Following the opening night, expect:

The full Lovibonds range
8 new Summer Wine beers inc, Diablo
Williams Bros Cask Profanity Stout
14 Belgian kegs, including, Duchess de Borgogne and Westmalle Dubbel
12 US kegs to begin with......more to come

There will be rotating U.S. and Belgian lines plus a designated Scottish keg line as well as rotating cask.


Christmas has, indeed, come early for Glasgow Beer drinkers.

Bruadar or BrewDog?

I know where I'll be on the evening of  Monday the 19th of December.



  1. Shame I'm out the country for launch, but my doorstep's claim to be the best in the world just became a little more believable.

  2. gah now if only they had more places like this southside id be in heaven

  3. is that the one right next door to the Judges?

  4. Durham White Stout was superb.