Sunday, 20 February 2011

Clever Beer Names


A couple of blog posts ago, I vented my spleen and named and shamed those beers that I considered to have names that were shamelessly sexist with dire double entendres and silly smutty puns. Crap beer names so toe curlingly embarassing they repel you from the product. There are, however, some beers out there that have rather interesting and, in some cases, inspired names.

So, in the interests of beer balance, I think it's only fair that I list those beer names in this year's Good Beer Guide that I think are ticking all the boxes in terms of having a good name. Some are straight down the middle 'what you see is what you get beer names', others have involved a little bit more thought in the naming process.

So, in no particular order, I give you my delightful dozen of Clever Beer Names -

Bartram's - Comrade Bill Bartram's Egalitarian Anti Imperialist Soviet Stout

Kelburn - Pivo Estivo

Cheddar Ales - Gorge Best

Bob's Brewing Co - Chardonnayle

Tottenham's Redemption Brewery - Hopspur

Marble - Pint

Lymestone - Ein Stein

Brewdog - Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Stewart's - Cauld Reekie

North Cotswold - Hung, Drawn and Portered

Anglo Dutch - Tabatha the Knackered

Severn Vale - Severn Sins

There are loads of foreign beers that have great names too but I've stuck to just U.K. breweries and beers.
However, special mention must go to the San Francisco based Shmaltz Brewing Company that produce Kosher beers that go by, what I think is, one of the most inspired names ever for a beer range;  He'Brew.

What's your favourite?



  1. Thinking about doing some home brewing potential film based names. Would welcomes views on the following: Floral and Hardy, Four Hops and a Funeral, Citra Kane, Malt Fiction, Frankensteiner and Slumdog IPA.
    Davomanic (twitter)

  2. @Davomanic

    The floral and hardy is a cracker as is the Malt Fiction. Barley's Angels is good too but I need to credit melissa cole for that one.

  3. I can't think of that many beers that I drink that have cool or clever names, though with my homebrew I like to name my beers after something meaningful to me, for example my 60/-, 70/- and 80/- are all called Gael followed by the strength, so Gael 80/- for example. My dark mild with peated malt is Machair Mild. I have recently been listening to Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds alot and brewed an Extra Stout which I called Thunder Child, and will be brewing a beire de garde with the name Forever Autumn at some point.

  4. @thebeermonkey

    Cheers for that feedback. Barley's Angels is also a good one... may have to borrow it!

  5. Good post. I like pressed rat and warthog from triple f brewery. it sounds more like a packet of walkers crisps than a nice pint though.