Sunday, 31 July 2011

Camden Town Pale Ale



I'm a big fan of Camden Town beers, particularly their Pompous Red, Inner City Green and Camden Town Pale Ale. The Camden Town Pale Ale is their take on an American Pale and whenever I've tried it, in either Keg or Cask, it has always been a tasty top notch beer. So, when I saw on Ales by Mail website that the Pale Ale was now available in bottles, I thought I'd put my hands in my pocket and buy a couple. I'm glad that I did because the bottled version is a lovely, tasty, refreshing beer.

It poured an opaque, golden colour and had a very pleasant aromatic nose of light peach, grassy citrus and the slightest hint of malt. It was in the taste department that this beer really came into it's own with it's fruit basket of flavours.

It had a light, subtle carbonation and a slight fizz that complemented very nicely the sweet citrus taste of lemon, grapefruit and more peach. There was even hints of some kiwi and gooseberry. These fruity notes were balanced very well by the breadiness of the malts that continued through to a lingering bitter-ish finish that left your thirst quenched and wanting more than just the one bottle of this lovely beverage.

Camden Town have managed to create a very nice beer that translates extremely well to bottles and one that I will be looking out for an any future trips to that there London. If they Camden can do it with the Pale ale, then I look forward to seeing some of their other beery offerings in bottle too at some point in the near future.


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