Monday, 11 July 2011

Fyne Ales, Dark Star and The Three Judges


Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

Three of my favourite beery things will be coming together in a perfect storm of beery loveliness in Glasgow at the end of this month. The Three Judges in Glasgow's Partick will be giving their entire eight hand pumps over to a premium selection of beers from currently two of Britain's best breweries - Fyne Ales and Dark Star.

The Fyne Star festival at the Judges begins on Thursday 28th July and will continue until all 18 casks have been quaffed. And going on previous experience, that shouldn't be long. The last cask of Fyne Ales' Fiddler's Gold to hit the Judges lasted just over three hours.

Available over the weekend will be such stunning beers such -

Dark Star's

American Pale Ale
Espresso Stout
Dark Star Original
Over The Moon


Fiddler's Gold
Hurricane Jack
Vital Spark
Sublime Stout

It's great to see such a smashing selection of beers available in the one place and it shows that the Three Judges are more than capable of rising to the challenge of the new Bratdog Glasgow bar that opens the week before just along from the Judges.

Regardless, these are exciting times to be a beer drinker in Glasgow.


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