Friday, 4 March 2011

The Session #49 - Regular Beer



I drink beer. I'm a beer drinker me. If I'm not down the pub having a few pints then you'll most probably find me at home nursing something nice, tasty and refreshing. I used to have regular beers. But, back then I drank to get drunk. Not, as I do now, to sample, savour and enjoy the quality and artisanal craftmanship that's gone in to making the brew in my hand.

Times change and so does the individual. Back then, I had regular beers. These were usually golden, canned and fizzy. More often than not made by some brewing giant, some behemoth that didn't care for the flavour and taste of their product. As long as it looked good on a balance sheet, then that was alright.

I've changed and so has my taste in beers. My beery kicks now come, not from the desire to get pissed as quickly as possible, but to indulge myself in the myriad of beer styles and tastes out there. I love that tingle of anticipation before entering a quality establishment not knowing what's on offer but happily content and safe in the knowledge that what could potentially be on offer is something special, something different and something so tastebud tantalisingly gorgeous that it brings not only a smile to your face but a ready brek glow to your soul.

 Or I could have a bottle of Bud or a pint of Carling.

Life is too short and beer choices too diverse to have a regular, go to beer that ultimately limits your choice and restricts your horizons.

I don't have Heinz tomato soup or eat the same meal every day, so why should I restrict my beer consumption to one brand or style.  Routine and regularity are the enemy of innovation and creativity.

Get tasting, get drinking and, most importantly, get enjoying the huge variety of tasty, refreshing and eclectic beers out there.


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