Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Profanity Stout? I'll Swear By It.


Yesterday (27th Sept) saw the end of Sainsburys Great British Beer Hunt. I've made progress on ploughing through the bottles I picked up and if there's any justice in the beer world, then there can only be one winner as far as I'm concerned.

One beer sticks out as head and shoulders above the rest of the other beers participating in the competition. That beer is Williams Brothers Profanity Stout.

I say Williams Bros but that's not quite the full story.

It may be brewed and bottled by Williams Brothers but it's not their beer. The beer is actually made by Heriot Watt students as part of their brewing course studies. The students in question are Peter and Craig - the 'Balls to the Wall' brewing duo who have managed to create one of the nicest stouts that I have tasted in a very long time.

The Profanity Stout is the first beer in a range made by Williams Brothers called the 'Chapeau' series. An interesting approach to beer making in which Williams Brothers "celebrate the skills of amateur brewers whose beers we think are exceptional and should be made available to a wider audience".

I'm not the first to write about it. Others have already (here, here and here) thrown their tuppence worth in and it seems to have been well received. I found it really rather nice.

It pours thick and dark with a Caramac coloured head that gives off a fairly bold nose that zips with fruity aromas and a slight touch of schooldays carbolic soap. It had a thinner mouthfeel than I expected but this didn't prevent the delicious roasted coffee and licquorice, dipped delicately in dark chocolate flavours coming through strongly in this beer that drinks dangerously less than it's 7% ABV fighting weight.

Here's hoping the positive reviews about it translate to hard sales at Sainsburys checkouts and this beer becomes one of the Sainsbury Great Beer Hunt winners. That way, the Profanity Stout would become a  welcome and regular addition to their beer selection.

Profanity Stout?

It's fcuking lovely!

Update No1
Boo! There is no justice in the beer world. This guy has just informed me that it didn't make the final eight. It seems a gorgeous 7% stout was just too adventurous for Sainsbury's drinkers beer tastes. Boo!

Update No2
Yay! Mr Guest Beer Guide has just informed me that Sainsburys are selling their beer hunt beers at 20% off original price. that means you can pick up Profanity Stout for £1.51 while stocks last. Get on it, Folks. Yay!



  1. Shame it didn't make the last eight of the competition though... Will be interesting to find out which two beers win the listing on Friday.

  2. @Bob

    Did it not?

    Bugger! It was blooming lovely.

    I wonder, too, what the last two are.

    Wye Valley's Wye Not? was pretty nice.

    What are the last eight?

  3. Another super-positive review of this - I really do need to get my hands on this. I read that Williams are going to make it a permanent due to the successful feedback!