Monday, 5 December 2011

High Hopes and Missed Opportunities?


The arrival of a new pub should be met with expectant cheers, raised glasses and high hopes that it will be something just a wee bit different and out of the ordinary that expands the range and choice available to punters who, like myself, enjoy tasting and trying an eclectic mix and not the same old, same old that you can get just about everywhere else.

So, naturally, I gave a hearty cheer when this guy let me know that a new pub was being planned in the Partick part of Glasgow's west end. Not much was known about what exactly was planned, however, various rumours ricocheted around the city that it was going to be something to look forward to.

The proposed pub is on the site vacated by the Hayburn Vaults and will be called the Deoch an Doris. It takes it's name from a song by professional Scotsman, shortbread salesman and tartan botherer, Sir Harry Lauder. A Deoch an Dorus is Gaelic for a small drop of something alcoholic as a farewell drink.

I took a brisk walk by the pub last night to check on it's progress. I'm not one to dismiss, out of hand, a pub before it has opened or pulled it's first pint but the poster on one of it's windows was enough to convince me that it will probably be a pub that won't be getting much of my business. For a start, how can something that hasn't opened yet, claim to be 'A Tradition of Partick'?

My First Visit to The Deoch and Dorus early 2012

"What are you having, Sir?"

"What have you got?"

"Fancy a pint of cold Tennent's Lager?"

"What else do you have?"

"What about some Caledonia Best?"

" thanks."

"What about some other Caledonian Guest Ales?"

"Do you have any hot needles for my eyeballs?"

"No. But we have 14 HDTV's showing sports all day?"


"What about a baked potato or a panini? Pizza?"

"No thanks, mate. I'll try elsewhere."

If the poster is anything to go by, then the DnD could end up a missed opportunity and be just like the countless other pubs out there serving a generic smorgasbord of High St beer, sport, sandwiches and spuds that offers nothing new or unique.

I hope I'm proved wrong.




  1. Woh - I like sport, but 14 TVs !?
    Not sure who their market is if they've gone for no football colours (good) - normally a big crowd at Partick post/pre-match.
    Any idea who owns it - chain, independent ?
    Like the singular Guest Real Ale - maybe it'll be a Tempest!

  2. My mate Gerry - alas deceased - was a part time barman in the Hayburn Vaults in the seventies. I visited it many a time. Eugene Boylan ran it with a rod of iron. Nearly all the gantry whisky, no matter how labelled, was Brand X.

    They used to have a cashier that sat in the middle and took all the money.

    Just saying.

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