Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dream Job for a Beer Drinker?


What's your dream job?

If it is tasting beer and getting paid a mash tun of cash for the privilege then you might just be in luck.

Or possibly not.

I see that multinational brewing giant, InBev is looking to recruit one 'lucky' person to "judge the beer's aroma, appearance, temperature and taste before it is served to bands and DJs including Grooverider, Calvin Harris and the Chemical Brothers as well as general festival-goers."  The beer in question is InBev's Budweiser 66. It was launched last year as a sweeter and less carbonated version of the original Bud aimed at, according to their press release, 'brand savvy 20 to 30 year olds' who want an 'easy drinker lager that doesn't leave them bloated'.

For working 6 days at Budweiser/InBev sponsored music festivals this summer, you will receive £10,000. InBev get, I would imagine, considerably more in free advertisement via the newspaper column and magazine column inches that would flow as a result of their lager largesse.

There is always a catch and it would appear that the catch is a fairly obvious one. The beer is Budweiser 66.

Would you sell your beer soul to the Budweiser Beelzebub for £10,000?



  1. My soul is way more expensive than 6 days of Bud 66 drinking and music festival fun. I'll take the the money is dollars though. Where do I sign up?