Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Beer and the Media


My local real ale pub, The Three Judges is currently staging a mini beer festival that got me thinking.

The mini-fest is called the 'Media Beer Festival' and features beers that have taken their inspiration from Films, TV or the written word. Included in the beer list are beers such as Thornbridge Kipling, Kelham Easy Rider, Church End Shakes Beer, Summer Wine Gambit, Hadrian Gladiator, Caledonian Rebus, some Titanic beers as well as Fyne Ales' Vital Spark and Highlander among others.

It's not a bad wee line up and it got me thinking about what beers I would include that referenced films, TV and books. The best I could come up with was Redemption Brewery's Alexei's Ale.

Can you think of any others?

There might be a beery prize for the best answer.



  1. How about Black Sheep's (Monty Python themed) Holy Grail?

    Or Summer Wine's Ale Caesar? Crouch Vale's Apollo?


  2. I saw a lot of Sierra Nevada Pale ale in Knocked up, but thats probably not the kind of thing your looking for. :)

  3. If it doesn't exist already I might have to brew some Withnale and Rye

  4. Well im with Baron Orm with the Holy Ail

    but theres also Empire "strikes Back"
    a few Life of Brians

    and of course
    Romulan Ale

  5. JW Lees 'Moonraker' obviously!!!!

    and Mikeller 'Jacki Brown'

  6. and one of my fav authors Hunter S Thompson influenced beers

    Flying Dog 'Gonzo imperial porter'
    fab beer, shame tesco stopped stocking it just when i discovered it.

  7. Brewdog Alpha Dog
    Brewdog Chaos Theory
    Brewdog Dogma
    Brewdog Edge
    Brewdog Riptide
    Brewdog Tokyo
    Brewdog Zeitgeist

  8. Nice theme for a festival! I'm searching my brain but it's not coming back with much of any use (as usual)...

  9. @arn: Might just be able to help you there - www.alesela.co.uk :)