Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Welcome to the Crafty Beer Revolution


I see from this BBC story that a pricing error at Tesco led to a stampede for cheap lager and cider that even resulted in police being called.

Tesco in Scotland were doing a deal which allowed customers to buy three boxes of beer or cider for £20 instead of the usual £31, a saving of £11. But, when customers went to pay for their beer they discovered that they were charged only £11 instead of the actual promo price of £20. Customers were therefore able to buy 45 bottles of lager or 36 cans for just over a tenner.

Well, word quickly spread and before you could say 'See you, Jimmy' Tesco stores across the land were inundated with thirsty drinkers trying to grab a cheeky bargain on the the sly. Police were even called to a store in Greenock to deal with traffic congestion.

You have got to admire us Scots, not content to conform to one national stereotype but  being bold enough to bag a brace - frugality and alcoholism in the one go.

Well done, my fellow countrymen and women.


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  1. Ha ha, I bet Salmond and the rest of his miserable neo-Pro crew were gnashing their teeth :-)