Thursday, 30 December 2010

Golden Pints Awards 2010 - my nominations


Fellow Beer Blogger Mark Dredge has opened up nominations for the 2010 Golden Pints Awards. You can read his original post here. I thought I'd get my thinking cap on and submit my nominations for the GPA 2010. It's been a great year for beers and brewing with some really fine examples of quality beers out there so it was pretty difficult in some categories to get it down to a single winner.

So here goes -  the beer monkey's nominations,

Best UK Draught -    Fyne Ales Jarl

Best UK Bottled Beer -    Kernel Brewery S.C.A.NS IPA / Brewdog Bashah Reserve

Best Overseas Draught -    Keesmann Herren Pils

Best Overseas Bottled Beer -    Saison Du BUFF

Best Overall Beer -    Fyne Ales Jarl

Best Pump Clip -    Anything by Houston!!!!

Best UK Brewery -   Thornbridge / Fyne Ales

Overseas Brewery -    Stone

Best Pub / Bar -    The Jolly Butcher's, Stoke Newington

Best Festival -     GBBF

Best Independent Retailer -  Utobeer

Best Online Retailer -    My Brewery Tap / Beer Merchants

Best Beer Blogger -     Cooking Lager

Best Beer Twitterer -     Beer Reviews Andy

Best Brewery Online -    Brewdog

Open Category -   Most annoying word to describe a beer  in 2010 - "Awesome!!!"

My hopes for 2011 -   more collaborations, continued innovation, excellent beer.



  1. Friend just found your page on specialty beers, excellent work ...
    Check out my page, I already am a follower of "the beer monkey"


  2. Good choices - Jarl is an awesome beer :)

  3. @grande cervejeiro
    Thanks for your comment and for the follow.
    I'll have a little look at your blog and give it a follow.

  4. @mark

    Jarl was truly the most awesome beer of the gbbf! ;-)
    Do you know that it's becoming a regular staple brew in the Fyne Ales stable in 2011. Bottles too.
    I'm not a betting man but i'd put my cash on Fyne Ales Jarl being there or thereabouts when it comes to Champion Beer of Scotland, if not Britain in 2011. That's if there is any beer justice in this world.