Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Good News for Glasgow Beer Drinkers

A while back, I wrote about the campaign to save the iconic Tennent's Bar from change following the announcement by owners Mitchell's and Butler's that it intending to refurbish the interior and take it under the wing up the pubco's Nicholson's branch. The threat of the refurb galvinised many of Glasgow's drinkers to launch a Facebook campaign, a petition and even a pressure group called CACTI (Campaign Against Change to Tennent's Interior). Well, it seems that the pressure has been paying off.

 I unearthed a recent quote from Brian Hannon, Mitchells and Butlers Director of Operations.

He insists that Tennent's will retain it's name, it's team of staff and will remain a 'traditional' and 'real pub'.

He said: “We are aware that the future of Tennent’s bar has recently been called into question, becoming the topic of much speculation.
“We therefore welcome this opportunity to do our very best to reassure customers and the wider community that Tennent’s bar’s future as a traditional pub is in no way in doubt.
“Mitchells & Butlers has proudly owned and successfully operated Tennent’s bar for more than 20 years.
“But, more importantly, it will continue to be a real pub – not a brasserie, not a restaurant and not a gastro pub.”

 “Reports are correct: we are assessing the scope of a refurbishment of the pub with the aim of retaining what is great, while enhancing its kitchen, toilet facilities and general amenities."

“The food, which many people enjoy, is restricted in quality and range by virtue of the current kitchen facilities.
“But any refurbishment will be carried out in a sensitive manner complementing the character of the existing pub.
“It is clear that many customers of Tennent’s bar are as passionate about the pub as we are, and I would again like to reassure you that the aim of any future refurbishment will be only to enhance what is already a great pub and one which we are truly proud to own.”

This is clearly good news and I've no reason to doubt Brian Hannon's words.

Credit must be given to the various campaigns that sprung up to put pressure on Mitchells and Butlers to maintain the tradition, character and integrity of  Tennent's Bar.

Well Done, All.

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  1. This is great news. Tennent's is too much a part of the west end and of Glasgow to be turned into another identikit bistro/bar.