Monday, 16 May 2011

The Glasgow Beer and Pub Guide


Glasgow has many lovely pubs serving a wide variety and pretty good selection of quality Scottish, UK, Continental and Foreign beers. The type of dispense varies from pub to pub but you can usually guarantee a mixed economy of cask, keg and bottle.

As a native of Glasgow, I'm quite proud of some of our pubs.  We do not too badly in the pubs and beer stakes. It could be a bit better but it could also be a whole lot worse. Ask the people of Dundee, Stirling and Perth.

Over the next few months, The Beer Monkey blog will be carrying a series of reviews by Glasgow Beer lovers of some of the City's pubs and beers available. It's been a difficult task badgering, bribing and blackmailing some of my beer imbibing buddies to get themselves out and about in the interests of research but I've managed to assemble a motley crew who are willing to take on board such a burden.

They will be chronicling cask, commenting on keg, babbling on about bottles and sharing their penchants for pubs in Glasgow.

The first three pubs to feature will be -

The Society Rooms

The Laurieston

The Belle

Hopefully it will be an informative and irreverant sideways look at the pints and pubs that float our Glasgow beer boat.

If there are any pubs you'd particularly like us to review, get in touch.


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  1. Definitely going to have to come through for a session at some point...