Thursday, 26 May 2011

Glasgow Pubs - The Pot Still


When it comes to pubs, some tend to attract more attention than others. Whether it's for the way that beers are kept or diversity of beer range, they always seem to catch the eye and entice you in.

Others are more like journeymen, plodding away, doing what they do in a steady workmanlike fashion. They are the steady dependables that are never top of your visit list but ones that you don't mind popping into if someone suggests a quick pint. Occasionally, you neglect them and time passes before you re-visit and re-appraise them. When you do pop in after a lengthy absence, you either realise that nothing much has changed or things have generally gone downhill. It is a very rare occasion that you discover that the pub has grasped the nettle and upped their beer game. When this does happen, it is a beautiful and lovely thing to behold.

One such pub in Glasgow has done just that and is not just raised their game but is also raising eyebrows among Glasgow beer enthusiasts. The pub in question is The Pot Still in Hope St, slap bang in the City Centre. It is primarily a whisky pub offering several hundred rare and sought after whiskies to a knowledgeable single malt clientele that consists of local and far travelled tourists drawn to the dram. But, it has recently gained a reputation of serving a wide range of well kept and beautifully conditioned beers from Scottish microbreweries.

In recent weeks beers from Arran, Orkney, William's and Kelburn have been on and in the next few weeks we are promised appearances from great breweries such as Fyne Ales and Black Isle Brewery. When I was in last week, I was blown away by a great pint of Renfrewshire Brewery Kelburn's Cart Noir. Not only was it on peak form, it was also served superbly. The Pot Still have started to take a renewed interest and passion for the ale and it shows in the beer choice and condition of the beer. It's never going to be known primarily as a beer pub but it is good to see that they have realised the importance of having an everchanging selection of nice, well made beers rather than relying on the dull and uninteresting staples of Caledonian, Belhaven and Greene King that similar pubs have chosen to do.

It is also simply a stunning, lovely traditionally pub to have a pint of tasty refreshing beer in.

If you are in Glasgow sometime soon, then it might be a very good idea to pay it a visit.



  1. Hi Kenny. I do like the place, but I've been wary about going in recently due to perceived bitterness in the way the lease was handled at the end of last year - see (don't know how much of this is true).
    However it seems as if the new guys are definitely making a serious effort and are supporting glasgowbeerweek, so I guess it's time to give them the benefit of the doubt.

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