Sunday 8 January 2012

The Session #59 - I Love Coffee


A new year welcomes in a new The Session Beer Blogging Friday post. This time it's being hosted by Brewed For Thought and is on the topic of what do beer drinkers drink when not drinking beer.

For me it's an easy and obvious, but relatively recent, choice.

When not drinking beer, you will find me with my head in a bag of freshly ground inhaling deeply the gorgeously rich coffee aromas.

I went from and instant drinker to a fully fledged coffee geek quicker than you could say, "Monsoon Malabar". And, I love it.

I love everything about making a freshly prepared cup of real coffee; roasting and grinding the beans, the aroma as it permeates the kitchen and the rest of the flat. I particularly love the garbled gargle sound of the espresso machine, like the noise James Watt's cat makes when trying to clear a pubic hair from the back of it's little kitty throat, as it fires in to action.

I also love the way coffee has also enhanced my enjoyment of darker beers, particularly stouts and porters, as it's helped refine and retune my palete to appreciate further the dark and roasty tastes and flavours of these styles of beer.

I love coffee. It's what I drink when I'm not drinking beer.



  1. @Steve

    It's magic.
    my love for coffee is nearly, but not quite, on a par with beer.

    As you say, It's ace.

  2. Hahahahaaaa!!! Are you "TwatDog"???? :)

    Coffee flavoured beer is like, the best liquid in the world, end of.

  3. @Alesela

    Of course I am not Twattdog.

    What has he said, this time?

  4. How do you know Twattdog is a he

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