Monday 9 January 2012

Ho Hum....

I've just caught sight of the pumpclip for a beer made exclusively for Wetherspoons by Bateman's brewery of Lincolnshire to commemorate and 'celebrate' David Cameron's use of the veto in defiance of the European Union. The pumpclip has Cameron at his Churchillian best giving two fingers to Johnny Foreigner.

The beer is called 'Veto Ale' and is made with 100% British ingredients, including Bramling Cross and Challenger hops.

Of the beer, Wetherspoons Chairman Tim Martin, said "Veto Ale is a traditional English bitter and a perfect example of a great beer style that you can drink and feel proud to be British,”

“I believe that David Cameron has taken the right decision on the Euro and that customers in our pubs will salute this with a pint of this excellent beer.”

The beer will be available in all of the Wetherspoons pubs.

I really can't be arsed with the jingoistic, flag waving nature of some brewers and pubs.

I think i'll be giving Wetherspoons a swerve for a while.



  1. It may not be available very often in Henglers, from a reliable source :)

  2. It's perhaps how JDW view their demographic... That they are all tubthumping, flag wavers. They may be right but I don't see why anyone in the Pub trade or Brewing would want to align themselves with the claret swilling buffoons we call our Government... I give JDW a swerve normally and this confirms it as a good course of action.

  3. Best thing about a beer with a political agenda? Vetoing it.

  4. It does seem a little sad that beer needs to get political, I was always under the impression that politics was banned from the pub