Sunday 24 April 2011

April Beer Competition

This month's Beer Monkey competition isn't your usual run of the mill task in which I ask a question and someone who answers correctly is drawn out of the hat and wins some lovely, tasty, refreshing beer.

This month, it's easier that that.

You don't even need to get the question right.

This month's competition has a Royal flavour to it. That's to be expected given the up coming nuptials. However, at Beer Monkey Mansions, we are not Regal sycophants cow-towing and brown-nosing to the children of privilege.  We are made of stronger, more republican stuff. We are meritocrats that base our judgements of people on how nice they are rather than who their fathers were, or whether Granny wears a crown.

Someone's Granny has already decided that beer isn't good or appropriate enough to be served at the Royal Banquet. At Beer Monkey Mansions, we say that is tosh. If 'Bonnie' Prince Charlie can make the stuff, sell the stuff and trouser a handsome profit via his Duchy Originals beer range then it should be good enough to serve to 'C' list Royals, 'Z' list celebrities and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson this Friday. That said, it's widely believed that TPT's drink of choice is coke.

With that in mind, April's competition is simple.

If you could choose a beer to serve at the Royal Banquet, which beer would it be, and why?

Leave your answer in the comments section below, or drop me an email and the most humourous and irreverent one wins four bottles of lovely beer from the beer monkey's special cupboard.

The winner will be chosen once my anti-royalist hangover has cleared next Saturday afternoon.

See, told you it was simple.

small print - only over 18's, UK residents and anyone not called Major James Hewitt can enter. He has entered enough, don't you think?



  1. Brewdog Trashy blonde - Simply to see the wedding photos of people and the headlines in the papers the next day saying the reception was full of trashy blond's and William, Philip and Harry was loving it!

  2. Coast's 'The Boy King' double ipa -
    Will's message to his dad is move over charlie i'm taking the crown next!

    personally i'd slip them some
    Milestone 'Plot and Treason'
    up the republic!!!!

  3. How about Stone Arrogant Bastard for the fact that they are to arrogant to serve the national drink.

  4. Good post, mate.

    I like Brodie's Revoultion Red.

    It's a great name for a royal wedding beer.

  5. gotta be old chimney good king henry

  6. Maybe something a little less regal but still apart of the family and a little tart: Duchesse de Bourgogne

  7. Congrats to cgarvie for winning the beer.

    competition now closed.