Monday 25 April 2011

Happy Birthday, BrewDog


Today marks the fourth anniversary of  BrewDog's very first bottles of beer being produced. In such a short space of time they have managed to achieve a phenomonal amount of success as the brand has gone from strength to strength. Regardless of whether you are their biggest fanboy or staunchest critic, you have to concede that what they have done in those four years is nothing short of astounding.

So lets take a minute to reflect on why BrewDog's Martin Dickie and James Watt are entitled to crack open a few lovely bottles tonight and allow themselves a self satisfied and justifiably smug smile on their faces as they raise a glass and toast their role in BrewDog's 'UK craft beer revolution'. They have -

- Created the World's strongest beer with Tokyo

- Created the World's stongest beer with Tactical Nuclear penguin

- Created the world's strongest beer with Sink the Bismarck

- Created the World's stongest beer with The End of History and rammed it up the rear of some rodent roadkill

-  Been extremely astute marketeers that have saw them generate acres of publicity and column inches for near enough price of a six pack of Stella and a packet of penguins at your local supermarket.

- Pissed off the Portman Group

- Annoyed Advocates for Animals

- Caused consternation at Camra

- Stuck some beer in cans, stuck some beer in kegs and stuck some beer in animals

- Successfully campaigned for a change in the law which saw schooner size measurements being allowed.

- Convinced 1300 hopheads to part with £230 to become BrewDog 'Equity for Punks' shareholders to pay for the expansion of the brewery

- Saw their production rise to 500,000 bottles per month and they still can't keep up with demand.

- They have put some fun and mischief back into brewing and the beer game.

- Opened their own BrewDog pubs in Aberdeen and Edinburgh with a Glasgow branch due to be opened in the summer. They also intend to open some in England too.

These are all headline grabbing achievements but, for me, the reason why BrewDog should be celebrating and celebrated tonight is because they have consistently remained true to their mission of creating barrier breaking and boundary busting beers that are not only extremely tasty and flavourful but have also challenged the palates and tastes of beer drinkers. For me, it's all about the beer and on that score BrewDog have consistently delivered.

So, hats off to Mr Dickie and Mr Watt.

Happy Fourth Birthday and hope you have Many Hoppy Returns.



  1. agreed. They have made beer a bit more exciting.
    Incidentally, the brewdog logo you have used. Is it a new one for them or is it an older prototype?

  2. Hi mr anon.

    the logo I used in the article is one of the earlier designs, I believe.


  3. A lovely post cataloging what the two of them have achieved in such a short amount of time. The know exactly how to press the buttons of the media to get coverage that would cost most traditional breweries a hell of a lot of money.

    They brew good beer, they try new stuff, they say it how it is - happy birthday boys from the baron!