Friday, 5 August 2011

The Session - Whisky Sour at the GBBF


This month's session is being hosted by the The Brew Site and is on the subject of Sour Beer so I thought I'd share a recent experience I had at this year's Great British Beer Festival involving some three year old Lambic.

Whilst studying the beer list at the festival, my eyes were drawn to a beer that struck me as an interesting concept and one that I definately needed to try.

The beer in question was from Italian brewers Revelation Cat and was a three year old lambic that had been aged in Laphraoig Malt Whisky casks.

It was a strange yet interesting beast. It had a bold and robust whisky nose that leapt out of the glass that carried through into the initial mouthful. It had strong peat, wood and smoky notes that gave way to a really smooth, round and very well balanced sour apple taste.

It was unusual, to say the least, with seemingly contradictory elements on paper complementing each other in practise.

I would have liked to have tried their Marsala Lambic that was available too but when I went back to the bar it had just finished.

I suppose, that beer is for another day.


  1. I didn't try this, and I don't regret it. Marsala lambic is surely one step away from massala lambic?

  2. For further info, this was Boon 3y/o lambic taken back to Italy. I really enjoyed it, but i think more pleasurable was eatching people's reactions to trying it! The marsala lambic was less complex, very close to cantillon gueuze without the depth and maybe an extra lemon squeezed in on top.

    Maybe it was me who served you this?!

  3. @steve

    If it was you that served me it, thank you. it was absolutely lovely.